Yes we are, but only for bulk consigners who schedule an appointment beforehand. Please contact support@bannedla.com for more information

Yes. We are taking proper precautions to ensure that all of your packages are safe.

To get your consigned inventory back you would need to request a withdraw via email, please contact us at support@bannedla.com

General Inquiries

We base price of shoes from current market prices from a few different platforms.

You can search for the shoe on our website in the search icon.


Due to the type of store we run, BANNEDLA does not accept returns after purchase. Only case we do accept a return is if we shipped an incorrect item than what you ordered.


Shipping will reflect on what area you live in, which will be calculated at the time of checkout.

We process online orders within 2 business days.

We can ship to another address if filled out properly during checkout.



You can sell through BANNEDLA as a bulk consigner.

Due to the nature of our store we can only accept items in which best fit our store.

BANNEDLA takes 15% as a consignment rate.