Consignment Guidelines

Items are accepted via shipment or drop-offs only by appointment. Consignor is responsible for all shipping costs and assumes responsibility for any theft or loss white items are in transit.

Consignment rate is 15% or $20.00 from the listed price, whichever is greater.
Items must be consigned for a minimum of 15 calendar days starting on drop-off date. Consignor will be required to pay a 
$20.00 withdrawal fee per item before agreed date.

Once shoes are accepted by Banned LA there will be a verification process prior to being available for sale on the floor and website. This process will typically take 48 hours.

Our staff will assist you in determining the price in accordance with current market values and at the discretion of our team.
If sell-through is not performing efficiently based on current markets, we will contact the consignor to allow a price adjustment. Sold items will be paid via check the Thursday
 after you receive the notification for sales from previous week.

Banned LA reserves the right to refuse any items at the discretion of our team.