Our Story


BannedLA was created for people who simply love sneakers. We are a private community that lives on Facebook, created to buy, sell and trade sneakers in a trusted environment.

In 2014 we created a buy/sell/trade platform on Facebook that started a community based around sneakers.  Our name was inspired from two things,  the Jordan 1 “Banned” from 2011 and the name being rebellious and somewhat dangerous. 


Our brand started from what was a “just for fun” thing where we flipped the Supreme box logo and made our own box logo.  We intended it to be for the admins of our page and not to sell.  The community ended up seeing it online through social media and we got a good amount of people that wanted to buy so we did a pre-order.  We ended up selling 100 tees and hoodies which was a lot for us.  We used the money we made from that to start going to conventions like Sneakercon and DunkExchange where we intended to expose our brand through hype sneakers. 


There are a few brands along the past few years that have really helped us escalate our existence.  Bloodbath Project who we collaborated with on a tee and hoodie and also did an installation at their office for the drop has helped us on the agency side with production and creativity,  something we will never forget. 

Urban Necessities,  specifically @twojskicks who has become one of my best friends in sneakers has shown us so much love and has asked us for nothing in return.  Jaysse is one of the most genuine guys I have ever met as an influencer and we have continuously done major projects with 2 collaborations and Youtube Vides all across the nation for @sneakercon.

@Sneakercon, one of the biggest platforms in the world for sneaker conventions has helped us expose ourselves to the max with their amazing shows all across the nation in bringing thousands of sneakerhead fans around the world.  BannedLA has been apart of Sneakercon since day 1.  We have done a few collaborations where BannedLA has created an experiential installation for the people and each one has been quite successful.  Thank you Alan, Will, Barris and the whole Sneakercon team for trusting us to execute and as well as creating such an amazing platform where other brands can grow. 

What are we?  We are a sneaker based brand who create experiences through image, hype, and style. 

We now will be on Melrose for our brick and mortar and hope to see everyone soon. 

Love & Respect

Ruin my Life Crew